Brainstorming Website – Generate Creative Ideas

Free online brainstorm website.
Generate creative solutions or inventions in 5 steps. Using Right Brain / Left Brain Approach
Have you been pondering a problem for some time now and not making headway?
This website is here to help you come up with creative new ideas!
The way it works is it flashes a series of random images and words to stimulate your brain to approach the problem from a different dimension. Each time you see an image/word you enter your gut response as to a possible solution to your problem. Most of what you enter will be outlandish and of no particular value. However, there will be that one idea that although being outlandish, is actually a brilliant solution!


How it Works

  • You enter your problem statement
  • You are presented with a Trigger Word/Image combination. (this happens 3 times)
  • For each Trigger Word/Image you quickly enter how it applies to your problem.
  • You then sum up your work to write a solution
  • If you have a kernel of an idea, print out a formal report. Otherwise, try again with a new set of words.

Let’s get started Inventing!
Invention Software

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